Telling stories about the world we know, the world we don't, and sometimes, the intersection between the two.


Cultures collide, relationships grow and rivalries intensify on a daily basis between the Baby Boomer members of a private golf club and the young, jaded bar staff serving them in more ways than one.

"Linger" is a TV sitcom, written along the lines of “Cheers,” though it was created for premium cable, with more acerbic R-rated dialog and situations. The series is about a group of wealthy golf-club members who spend their days golfing, socializing and drinking. Although generally they are good people, most have succumbed to their success and are oblivious to anything outside their privileged bubble. The smallest hiccup in their pristine world can cause severe reactions that create not only drama, but comedic and hypocritical absurdity. The primary bartenders at the club bar where they all frequent daily – both wiser than their current positions in life would suggest – cultivate relationships with the members and are capable of handling the diverse personalities that dominate the bar. One bartender services the needs of female members, while the other copes with the fact his ex-girlfriend now dates a member at the club.

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