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Breath of God

"Breath of God” is a lighthearted drama that addresses the big question – is there a God? It shares whimsical ideas similar to those in “Serendipity” and “City of Angels.” The story is about something unusual at work in a wave of goodness sweeping inexorably across Long Island, from Queens to Montauk, over the course of one November week. Prayers get answered. All kinds of prayers. Working with friends, and enlisting the help of her embattled editor in chief, weekly newspaper reporter Mary Kate Timlin struggles to publish her proof of God’s existence. She endures her ex-fiancée’s scorn, opposition from shadowy government agents, and a seeming betrayal from her trusted great uncle, an old Irish priest with a mysterious past. It’s a family-friendly story about grudging faith, true love, and sustaining hope, with a happy ending.

"Breath of God" received an Honorable Mention in the Table Read My Screenplay 2012 contest. The Blacklist said, “This is a fantastic concept for the faith-based genre,” and noted “there's a triumphant finale that is well worth the wait.” CoverageInk described it as a “fantastic concept,” a “complex and engaging script,” a movie “that will offer audiences much relatable material and many themes to mull over,” and “a script with a ton of potential.” Kairos said: “The premise is unique and intriguing, and the lead characters are heartfelt; the narrative has commercial elements and the script’s sci-fi-related scenarios are cinematic. The project would suit a wide audience.”

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