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Find Me

The docu-series “The Find Me Project” follows the Find Me Group, an organization of 100+ psychics, forensic experts, search and rescue teams and other volunteers who work for free to find missing people and solve homicides. A tough, retired DEA agent founded and leads the Group, and the “solves” are mounting.

Over 2000 people go missing in the US every day. Some never come back. The all-volunteer Find Me Group is a real-life League of Heroes for our time and helps distraught families bring their loved ones home.

The Group combines intuitive information from 100+ vetted psychics, traditional investigative processes, new computer tools, highly trained search and rescue human/dog teams, and forensic analysts. Though the “solves” are mounting, the Group battles scorn from law enforcement personnel who “don’t believe in that psychic crap.”

Group members have created cutting edge investigative processes that bolster intuitive information with GPS coordinates and that have resulted in over 50 “solves” in 11+ years. Despite these successes, Find Me members continue to face public skepticism as they give information to law enforcement and try to convince them to take it seriously. Few law enforcement departments are progressive enough to work with them openly, and Find Me members are vocal about their frustrations.



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